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Southern Style Entertainment LLC

Our Services in Pictures

UpLights & Monograms UpLights & Monograms 75th Birthday Custom Monogram 201520222 75th Birthday Custom Monogram 201520223 "Seafoam Green" to set the mood for a "Fishing" Themed birthday 201520224 A Touch of Pink 201520943 Raveneaux 201520944 Hidden Palms 201520945 Crystal Springs 201520946 Old Dobbin Station 201520834 No Lights vs Lights 201521059 Bell Tower on 34th 201644122 Big Sky Barn 203905055 Brownstone Reserve 203905056 Bell Tower on 34th 203905057 Villa Antonia - Austin, Tx 203905058 With vs. Without What a difference lighting can make. 203905059 Uplights, monogram & low-lying fog at Balmhorrea Estate 204914363 204914364 204914365 204914366 204914367 204914368 205146143 205146144 205146145 205146146